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Die Wirtschaft auf Kosten des des FOIA ins Boot zu kriegen???


A controversial bill intended to encourage private companies to share
information about computer security threats with the government was
re-introduced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.  "The Cyber
Security Information Act of 2001" is sponsored by Reps. Tom Davis and

A major premise of the bill is that the Freedom of Information Act
discourages private industry from sharing information with the
because of a fear that sensitive or proprietary information will be
disclosed through a FOIA request.

"Companies are concerned that information voluntarily shared with the
government that reports on or concerns corporate security may be subject
FOIA," said Rep. Davis.  "Access to sensitive information may fall into
hands of terrorists, criminals, and other individuals and organizations
capable of exploiting vulnerabilities and harming the U.S."

Moreover, he warned, "Unfiltered, unmediated information may be
misinterpreted by the public and undermine public confidence in the
country's critical infrastructures."

There is no evidence that the FOIA, which has exemptions for proprietary

data, could be used to extract confidential business information.  Nor
there much reason to believe that companies would be eager to share
sensitive information with the government, regardless of FOIA standards.

Nevertheless, the bill would create a new FOIA exemption for critical
infrastructure information.  There are already over 80 particular
exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act written into law, and the
vitality of the Act is threatened each year as Congress adds new limits
its reach.

Rep. Davis' floor July 10 floor statement introducing the Cyber Security

Information Act of 2001 may be found here:

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