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[] Bericht von der Cybercrime-Anhörung im US-Senat -

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Das klingt so ähnlich wie die Anhörung im Bundestag vor kurzem:
"Industrie gegen staatliche Eingriffe" - was ja gerade im Bereich
polizeilicher Repression nicht unbedingt verkehrt ist... RB,1902,27996,00.html

More Laws, Cops Won't Stem Cybercrime, Execs Say 
By PC World
Jul 17 2001 04:30 PM PDT

Despite an increase in computer crime, a rush to write laws isn't the
high-tech industry executives warned members of Congress on Monday. 

WASHINGTON - Despite an increase in
computer crime, a rush to write laws
isn't the answer, high-tech industry
executives warned members of
Congress on Monday. 

"I worry about rushing into
legislation," says Bruce Schneier, chief
technical officer for Counterpane
Internet Security Inc. "I worry about
quick laws that have unintended

Schneier, whose company provides
virtual burglar alarms for computer
networks, suggests managing the risk
instead of trying to eliminate it. 

Just as people install burglar alarms to
protect their home--recognizing that
theft does happen--Schneier says
Congress should concentrate on
managing cyberthreats. He suggests
it's a more realistic approach than
trying to avoid them by building
comprehensive security systems into

Conflicting Pitch 

The warning sharply contrasts with last week's hearing on Internet
privacy before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Committee. There, Chair Ernest Hollings declared that Congress should
take action right away. 

"Where did self-regulation get us?" the South Carolina senator asked
then. "Nowhere. As Business Week stated last year, 'Self-regulation is a

However, on Monday high-tech executives warned a Senate subcommittee
that lawmakers need to take a new approach to shaping Internet

Lawmakers should research all avenues of Internet privacy law thoroughly
before tackling cybercrime legislation, warns Vinton Cerf, senior vice
president of Internet architecture and technology for WorldCom Inc. 

"You should not pass legislation that can not be enforced," says Cerf,
who was described at the hearing as one of the fathers of the Internet.
"When [the legislation] can not be enforced, that is when people ignore

Not So Fast 

Others warned Congress not to pass legislation that could ignite a new
round of problems for consumers. 

"Excessive or overly broad legislation and subsequent regulation crafted
in a rapidly changing environment is apt to miss the mark and likely
trigger a host of unintended consequences," says Harris Miller,
president of Information Technology Association of America. 

Vertical industries, such as Internet service providers and
telecommunications companies, should collaborate on comprehensive
privacy guidelines, Miller suggests. 

"We need to develop viable security solutions in not just the wired
world, but also in the wireless world," he says, adding that these
industries will gain greater security by consolidating their policies.

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