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[] neuer CIO der NSA -

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New CIO starting at NSA 

George I. Seffers 
Federal Computer World, July 17, 2001 

Richard Turner, former chief information officer of the Federal Trade
Commission, will report for duty today as the National Security Agency?s
Turner has about three decades of experience in information systems and
information resources management. In addition to the FTC, Turner also
worked at NASA and for the Army. 

The agency advertised the position extensively this year after Raymond
Holter retired after 34 years of federal service. 

A key part of the CIO?s job will be interacting with the winning vendor
under Project Groundbreaker, NSA?s $4 billion procurement to outsource
non-spy systems. That contract is due to be awarded by July 31. 

NSA?s mission is to intercept and analyze foreign military and national
security-related communications around the world. As part of an
ambitious effort to
reform the agency, Air Force Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden, the agency
director, has been reaching outside the organization to fill key

"The NSA has much to gain by hiring from the outside for skills that are
not directly related to our missions of [signals intelligence] and
assurance," Hayden is quoted as saying in an announcement due out today.
"We need to leverage the skills available from other sources that will
encourage us to focus on being world class in those skills that directly
define who we are." 

The agency also will announce that it has hired Michael Lawrence to be
the new agency chief of the Legislative Affairs Office, a position
designated as a principal director and reporting to Hayden. Lawrence has
20 years of legislative, intergovernmental and public affairs

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