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[] Cybercrime-Bekaempfung in Australien -

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 Police launch intelligence network to tackle cybercrime
 Thursday 19 July, 2001 08:18 GMT+10:00
 Much electronic crime (e-crime) was not being reported partly because
businesses wanted to avoid potential damage to consumer confidence or
share prices, a police chief said today. 
 West Australian Police Commissioner Barry Matthews, launching a
national intelligence measure yesterday aimed at tackling e-crime, said
the extent and impact of e-crime in Australia was unknown. 
 "Definitive information on the present extent and impact of electronic
crime both in Australia and overseas is presently not available,"
Matthews told a gathering of senior police that included most of
Australia's police commissioners. 
 Matthews is chair of the Australasian Police Commissioners' Electronic
Crime Steering Committee. 
 "A significant amount of crime is simply not reported and some may not
even be detected. 
 "This non-reporting may in part be a desire to avoid any potentially
adverse impact on consumer confidence or share prices. 
 "At other times it may be a lack of confidence in law enforcement to
deal with
 electronic crime issues in a timely and effective manner." 

 E-crime has now been included in the ABCI's National Fraud Desk, an
initiative of the
 Australasian Police Commissioners' Electronic Crime Strategy, released
in March. 
 The new system will mean information on e-crime can now be shared in a
 national basis, allowing police to better gauge the trends of certain
crimes and assess the
 extent to which they are a threat. 
 Attempts to intrude on electronic transactions and communication would
become increasingly
 organised, driven by the take-up of IT by the Australian public,
governments and industry,
 Matthews warned.

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