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[] Justice Dept. Creates Anti-'Hacking' Units -

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ob die auch irgendwann mal zurück hacken dürfen ......?

Justice Dept. Creates Anti-'Hacking' Units

  By David McGuire, Newsbytes
  20 Jul 2001, 4:20 PM CST

  U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft today announced the creation of 10

  "specialized prosecutorial units" designed help the federal government

  further crack down on Internet crime.

  Located in nine U.S. Cities (with two in New York) the Computer
  and Intellectual Property (CHIP) units will consist of special teams
of attorneys trained to
  prosecute people on charges of computer intrusion, electronic
copyright violations, fraud
  and "other Internet crimes," Ashcroft said in prepared remarks today.

  Ashcroft spoke to reporters at VeriSign Inc. headquarters in Mountain
View, Calif.

  "These new teams will prosecute vigorously those responsible for
cybercrime," Ashcroft
  said. "As a result we hope to reinforce the message to would-be
criminals that there are
  no free passes in cyberspace. Crimes will be investigated and
criminals will be prosecuted
  to the fullest extent of the law."

  Ashcroft said the work of the CHIP units would help to erase the
"perception of
  lawlessness that computer crime creates."

  The Justice Dept. is creating the CHIPs in cities that have both high
concentrations of
  technology industry players and strong existing FBI resources to
investigate the crimes
  that the CHIP units will be charged with prosecuting, Ashcroft said.

  CHIP units will be located in Atlanta, Alexandria, Va., Boston,
Dallas, Los Angeles, New
  York, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

  The San Francisco unit has been operating for some time and served as
the prototype for
  the CHIP concept, Ashcroft said.

  In his speech, Ashcroft praised the San Francisco unit for its past
success in prosecuting
  several computer crimes.

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