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[] US-Soldat in S-Korea als Hacker angeklagt -

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Nein, das war kein US-Cyberwar, der hat das nur in seiner Freizeit
gemacht. Oder? RB

Korea Herald
July 26, 2001

American G.I. Indicted On Hacking Charges

By Yoo Soh-jung, Staff reporter

The Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office yesterday indicted an
soldier without detainment for hacking into Korean Internet sites.

Pfc. Robert Baer III of the U.S. Army was charged with hacking into the
Internet systems of major communications companies, media agencies,
and academic institutions on about 90 occasions.

Prosecutors said Baer allegedly joined the international hacking group,
Hate People," in April, and installed hacking programs and changed the
pages of the Internet sites.

To conceal his crime, Baer deleted the log-on files of the Web sites
which he connected, prosecutors said.

On one occasion, Baer allegedly logged onto an Internet server of a
junior high school and randomly altered its system files, they said.


Seoul District Prosecutors' Office indicted Robert Bear, an American
private 1st class, without detention on Wednesday on charges of
illegally hacking domestic Internet servers on numerous occasions. 

Bear, a member of the WHP (We Hate People), an international hackers'
group, allegedly hacked some 50
Internet servers of major telecommunications and newspaper companies,
schools and institutes about 90
times. He penetrated into the Internet server of a middle school in
April and changed the system files at random. The private said that he
wanted to test his ability and show it off to other members of his

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