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[] FBI gets cash to spend on anti-encryption, broadband snooping -

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    According to the report accompanying a spending bill that's awaiting
    floor vote in the Senate:

      * The FBI will receive an extra $7 million for technology to
        encryption. The appropriations committee intends for it to be
        spent on: "(1) analysis/exploitation of systems to allow access
        data pre-encryption, (2) recognition/decryption of data hidden
        plain sight, and (3) decryption of encrypted data."
      * Another $7 million goes to a plan to improve "intercept
        capabilities." The fed-speak for this is "developing broadband
        capabilities, and procuring prototypes capable of intercepting
        transmissions outside of the FBI's technical reach."
        Create better ways to eavesdrop on cable modems and DSL
      * Antitrust enforcement gets a boost. The division, best known
        recently for its dogged pursuit of Microsoft, receives $3.6
        million extra, but $10 million less than the Bush administration

        requested. The committee predicts a slew of mergers because of
        "the collapse of high technology stocks, and the resultant
        downward pressure on all stock prices."
      * Las Vegas, St. Louis, Charleston and Kansas City will split $6
        million earmarked for gun surveillance technology. The plan is
        spend it on acoustic sensors scattered around downtown areas so
        the location of a gunshot can be triangulated and located.


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