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[] kam CodeRed aus China? US-Debatte -

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Die Sache scheint politisch zu werden. Weiss jemand mehr über die
Hintergründe a) der Herkunft des Wurms? b) der Debatte über China?

Chinese Virus Expert Denies Code Red Worm Is from China

July 31, 2001 02:22 AM ET By Jonah Greenberg 

A Chinese computer virus expert said on Tuesday the fast-spreading "Code
Red" Internet worm that disrupted U.S. government Web sites last week
was not made in China, despite Web site defacings that said "Hacked by
Chinese." The worm, which U.S. officials said was likely to start
multiplying again on Tuesday and could slow the Internet worldwide, had
surfaced little in China, experts said. 

"One thing I can be sure of is that it was not created by a Chinese
person. Its appearance and its spreading did not start in China," said
Wang Jianfeng, assistant manager of technical support at Ruixing
Computer Development Co, a virus protection company in Beijing.

 "The virus has had more of an effect in Europe and the United States,"
Wang said. 

Ruixing, which has a global network of monitoring systems, had not
received any calls about the worm in China, he said. 

Ronald Dick, director of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection
Center (NIPC), said the worm had infected more than 250,000 computer
systems on July 19, a day of heavy attacks. 

The worm installs itself on server computers which then are instructed
to blitz government and other Web sites and can slow them down. 

In last week's hits, some U.S. government sites showed the message
"Hacked by Chinese," using a popular term for illegally breaking into a
computer system. 


But two of the three known variants of the Code Red worm, named for a
caffeine drink favored by computer programmers, showed no obvious

In Hong Kong, the Computer Emergency Response Team, a government-funded
body, said it has received two complaints of attack and many queries
about the worm since July 20. 

CERT is responsible for alerting the public in the former British colony
of computer virus attack. 

Hundreds of U.S. Web firms got a taste of Chinese patriotic vandalism
when a hacker war flared between Americans and Chinese after an April 1
collision between a U.S. spyplane and a Chinese fighter jet. 

Code Red, which first surfaced in mid-July, is expected to re-emerge at
8 p.m. EDT (2400 GMT) on Tuesday, according to NIPC and other online
security watchers. The virus had virtually no impact in China, according
to the government-run Computer Virus Treatment Center in Tianjin, 60
miles east of Beijing. 

"We haven't received any calls about it," said Liang Hong, a spokeswoman
for the center. 

Computers running the Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating systems and
Microsoft's MSFT.O Internet Information Server (IIS) software version
4.0 or 5.0 are vulnerable to infection and the users should install a
software patch, the NIPC said on Monday. 

Computer users running Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME are less
vulnerable and no action was recommended for them. 

For infected computers, turning the machine off and then on gets rid of
the worm but does not provide immunity from future infection.

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