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[] Geheimdienste in der New Economy I,

In-Q-Tel, the venture capital enterprise established by the CIA in 1999
to facilitate the introduction of new technologies into the aging
bureaucracy, is off to a promising start, according to a new assessment
by a group of corporate executives.  But the CIA is ill-equipped to take
advantage of its contributions.

"In-Q-Tel has achieved significant early progress," the report by
Business Executives for National Security (BENS) stated.

"To date, In-Q-Tel has reviewed hundreds of business plans, made more
than a
dozen investments, brought five technologies and services to the Agency
for use or demonstration, and has implemented three pilots since its
was signed in July 1999.  By private sector standards, this represents a
noteworthy accomplishment and the start of a good track record."

At the same time, however, "the CIA has been unprepared ... to integrate
the solutions In-Q-Tel delivers."  A host of technological, security and
other barriers the authors found at the CIA pose fundamental challenges
to the
In-Q-Tel initiative.

"The Report of the Independent Panel on the CIA In-Q-Tel Venture,"
on August 7, may be found on the BENS web site here:


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