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[] Aufträge für EW-Projekt "Wolfpack" vergeben,
Wolfpack ging hier schon mal über die Liste. 
Das Prinzip dahinter klingt irgendwie nach Distributed Denial of Service

Wolfpack contractors rounded up 

BY George I. Seffers 
Aug. 23, 2001 

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will pay seven contractors
to develop electronic warfare technologies under the Wolfpack program. 

The Wolfpack program focuses on developing technologies and
architectures for ground-based, close-proximity, distributed, networked
systems that will
augment existing electronic warfare systems. DARPA officials envision
portable and handheld applications as they are particularly interested
in minimizing
size, weight, power and cost. 

"I am confident that the technologies and system architecture we are
developing will provide a revolutionary new capability to our
warfighters," Paul
Kolodzy, DARPA?s Wolfpack program manager, said in a written statement.
"These distributed, networked electronic warfare technologies will offer
enhanced capabilities for the future. I look forward to seeing the
results of our work now that we?re truly getting started on the Wolfpack

The contracts cover the program?s second and third developmental phases.
The second phase is designed to develop unique, high-risk, high-payoff
technologies, and the third phase is designed to define systems, develop
component technology and refine the architecture. 

The first phase assessed the validity of the Wolfpack concept. The
fourth and final phase, which will begin in 2003, will require up to
three contractor
teams, potentially teamed with phase two developers, to develop and test
a prototype Wolfpack system. Five companies are participating in Phase

     * AIL Systems Inc., $1,249,977. 

     * BBNT Solutions LLC, $1,349,436. 

     * Information Systems Laboratories Inc., $250,247. 

     * Rockwell Collins Inc., $619,885. 

     * Statistical Signal Processing Inc., $436,690. 

     Two companies are leading teams for Phase 3: 

     * BAE Systems, Information and Electronic Warfare Systems,

     * Raytheon C3I Systems, $4,997,000.

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