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[] Pentagon nimmt Einfluss auf Hollywood,

Pentagon plays Hollywood censor 

Guardian News Servicea

(Los Angeles, August 29) 

HOLLYWOOD FILM-MAKERS have frequently changed plot lines, altered
history and amended scripts at the request of the Pentagon,... 

according to recently released military documents. Producers and
directors have often agreed to changes in order to gain access to
expensive military hardware or to be able to film on military property. 

On many occasions films have been changed so that the US armed forces
are shown in a more heroic fashion. Film companies agree to the changes
because doing so saves them millions in production costs. If film-makers
do not agree to alterations, assistance is withheld. 

Top Gun received cooperation after the character played by Kelly
McGillis was changed from an enlisted woman to one outside the service,
as relationships bet-ween officers and enlisted personnel are forbidden
in the navy. 

The Jackal, starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere, received help after
the marines were given a better role. Major Nancy LaLuntas had objected
that the helicopter pilots had no "integral part in the action ? they
are effectively taxi drivers." 

In GoldenEye, the 1995 James Bond film, the original script had a US
Navy admiral betraying state secrets, but this was changed to make the
traitor a member of the French navy ? after which cooperation was

The makers of Independence Day agreed to turn the secretary of defence,
under whom military installations fell to alien invaders, into the White
House chief of staff, but still did not win approval. 

A Department of Defence memo concluded: "The military appears impotent
and/or inept; all advances in stopping aliens are the result of actions
by civilians." Mars Attacks! and the comedy Sgt Bilko also failed the

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