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[] Network Centric Warfare macht Fortschritte,
Federal Computer Week

By George I. Seffers 
Sept. 19, 2001

Network-centric warfare promises to revolutionize U.S. military
operations on the battlefield, but the capability is not yet fully
developed, according to a Pentagon report on the subject.

Network-centric warfare "should not be misconstrued as a fully
developed and deployable warfighting capability. It is not," the
report states. "Far more needs to be done to develop, test and refine
network-centric concepts of operation and co-evolve them with
doctrine, organization, command approach, systems, and other
components of a mission capability package."

The report was delivered to Congress in July and publicized on the
Internet early this week. It sheds light on the military's
network-centric warfare capabilitiesand shortfallsjust as the United
States gears up for military action in response to the terrorist
attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Sept. 11.

Information technologiesespecially those in the command, control,
communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance domainare expected to play an important role as the
military tries to hunt down an elusive enemy.

The report adds that "considerable effort will also be required to
develop network-centric capabilities that can effectively be employed
in allied and coalition operations" and noted that the capability
holds promise.

"The experiences with early efforts to explore network-centric
capabilities have been characterized by only a limited capability to
network the force and by applications of limited scope and scale," the
report states. "Despite this limitation, these efforts yielded
promising results. Deployment of a more fully mature network-centric
capability will transform the way in which wars are fought. The
resulting impact on the effectiveness of U.S. forces will justify the
term 'revolutionary.'"

The tenets of network-centric warfare are as follows:

* A robustly networked force improves information sharing.

* Information sharing enhances quality of information and shared
  situational awareness.

* Shared situational awareness enables collaboration and
  self-synchronization, and enhances sustainability and speed of

* These, in turn, dramatically increase mission effectiveness.

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