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[] CIA sucht Leute: Arabic, Dari/Pashtu, French, Persian (Farsi),

Foreign Language Instructors

Foreign Language Skills Are Essential to CIA?s Mission

The Central Intelligence Agency is hiring qualified and motivated individuals as full-time language
instructors of Arabic, Dari/Pashtu, French, Persian (Farsi), Russian, and Spanish to work in the
Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

CIA provides first class training for intelligence professionals and seeks energetic, creative, and
committed individuals to deliver programs that provide students with general and job-related foreign
language communication skills and cross-cultural awareness needed to live and work abroad effectively
or to perform other language-related duties.  Foreign language instructors:

     Apply the latest instructional methodologies to meet highly customized student needs; 
     Conduct language proficiency testing in reading, speaking, and understanding for skills
     evaluation; and 
     Provide a variety of language support services worldwide. 

General Qualifications include:

     Native fluency in the language. 
     A graduate degree in the foreign language, linguistics, education, or a related field. 
     Two to five years teaching experience. 
     Demonstrated knowledge of history, culture, politics, and economy of the area(s) of the world
     where the language is spoken as a native/first language. 
     Ability to use instructional/information technologies. 

Desired Qualifications include:

     The ability to teach and evaluate language skills for a wide range of adult students, from
     beginners to those with significant experience; 
     Experience in program and/or education management. 

As part of the screening process, selected applicants will be required to take language proficiency tests
in English and their native language.

Requirements:  U.S. citizenship; successful completion of a medical evaluation, polygraph interview, and
an extensive background investigation.  Must be willing to relocate to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan

Salaries range from $40,000 to $55,000 based on individual applicant?s qualifications.  Language
instructors are also eligible to earn an annual language ?bonus? pay based on evaluation of their
language proficiency.

To Apply:

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