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[] Kim Schmitz mal wieder,
Jetzt hat er gegründet, um Hacker für YIHAD zu rekrutieren.
Ich halte das ja alles für Aufschneiderei, aber für die
Skurrilitätensammler hier ist es vielleicht interessant.


By Ned Stafford, Newsbytes
08 Oct 2001, 7:16 AM CST

 Kim Schmitz, the German hacker and businessman who has made headlines
recently by declaring a hacking war on terrorism, has launched a new Web
site as part of his efforts. 
The Web site, , was launched Sunday at just about
the same time that the U.S. and U.K. launched the much-anticipated first
military attack against Osama bin Laden's based Qaeda network and
Afghanistan's Taliban government. Bin Laden is believed to be the
mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. 

Schmitz said he will use the Web site to help recruit hackers for his
newly formed organization YIHAT (Young Intelligent Hackers Against
Terror). The Web site also will be used to publicize YIHAT, deliver
information about its activities and will have a forum for hackers to

Schmitz, 27, is a former teen hacking prodigy who spent time in jail
before founding and then selling an 80 percent stake of a successful
data security firm for a small fortune. He said that was chosen
for the URL because "the Mission of YIHAT is killing terrorism." The URL
was given to him by a friend - a former hacker - who wants to support
YIHAT, he said. 

On, the mission of YIHAT is outlined as: 

- Searching for accounts of terror organizations. 

- Identifying money transactions related to terror. 

- Searching for terror organizations' financial supporters. 

- Capture and deliver terror-related data to the USA. 

According to the Web site Schmitz is listed under his alias "Kimble" for
as administrator for Europe. Someone with the alias "Razorblade" is also
listed as an administrator. Schmitz said Razorblade lives in New York,
and will handle the U.S. division, "which means he will take care of the
U.S. hackers." 

Schmitz, who lives in Munich, said there is a second reason for choosing "This domain is easy to remember. The potential for
misspelling it is small." 

Schmitz, sometimes accused of being press hungry, is generally
acknowledged to be a gifted marketer. 

But in talks with Newsbytes he has repeatedly maintained that his strong
publicly stands against terrorism - including a $10 million reward for
the capture of bin Laden - stem from deeply felt beliefs, and are not a
public relations gimmick. He says he has received several death threats
from Middle Eastern sources. 

Nonetheless, a look at's home page might give critic's
ammunition. Schmitz is pictured where sunglasses and an Uncle Sam outfit
pointing his finger at the viewer, reminiscent of the U.S. military
recruitment posters with Uncle Sam saying: "I Want You." 

Schmitz confirmed that this was his intent, saying his message is: 'I
WANT YOU' to join the army of hackers against terror." 

Schmitz last week claimed that YIHAT had hacked the computers of the
AlShamal Islamic Bank in Sudan. He claimed data on the accounts of the
Al Qaeda terrorist organization and on Bin Laden were collected, and
that the information was turned over to the FBI. The FBI declined to
comment on Schmitz's claims. 

Schmitz, when asked today whether any more bank hackings linked to
terrorism had occurred, said: "Yes, but not ready to be published yet." 

AlShamal Islamic Bank Home Page: 

Reported by, . 

07:16 CST 


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