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[] Britische Regierung: Die Taliban können nicht hacken,

Taleban can't hack - UK govt

By John Leyden
Posted: 17/10/2001 at 17:16 GMT

The head of the UK Government's Computer Emergency Response Team has hit
a welcome note of commonsense by stating that the September 11 terrorist
attacks have changed nothing in the way the country needs to defend
against electronic attack. 

Stephen Cummings, director of the National Infrastructure Security
Coordination Centre (NISCC), said in the wake of September 11 it
received numerous inquiries from its finance and utility sector clients
asking about the possibility of electronic attack by hackers. 

Little had changed, NISCC told concerned companies. But considering the
levels of interest, it has published a booklet on the risks of terror -
in a general sense. The Unified Incident Reporting & Alert Scheme, which
NISCC, part of the Home Office, runs, reports that thefts and threats
from insiders form the worst security risks. 

September 11 does have some implications for Internet security, but
these risks should be put in context. 
Cummings told an audience at a presentation at the Compsec security
conference in London this morning that post-September 11 there was a
heightened risk of denial of service attacks on UK Government web sites. 

This risk comes from sympathisers of the Taleban cause or "some pretty
high level groups supporting terrorism" but not from the Taleban itself. 

Afghanistan does not have the Internet infrastructure to support the
launch of a hacking attack and the Taleban does not have people with
hacking skills, Cummings said. 

During his presentation Cummings gave an outline of NISCC response to
the Code Red outbreak which succeeded in keeping people informed of the
issue but keeping the assessment "less drastic" than that of its US
counterparts and the delivery more low-key. 

"We need to give a balanced message that is not too alarmist," Cummings
told us. ®

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