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[] US-Intelligence nach dem 11.9. - Ashcroft,
Der Kernsatz: "Tearing down the wall between intelligence and criminal
information is one of the most important steps we will make or we will
be able to take."
Ähnliche Entwicklungen sind hierzulande unterwegs, vgl.

Official transcript

Attorney General John Ashcroft
Press Conference
October 18, 2001


 Let me identify just a few of the specific tools for 
intelligence_gathering that we requested and that Congress has agreed 
to:  First, better anti_terrorism coordination. The legislation will
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretaps, a crucial investigative 
technique in terrorism cases, when the gathering of foreign intelligence
a significant purpose of the investigation rather than permitting them
when gathering foreign intelligence is the primary purpose.

      This makes the utilization of wiretaps against terrorists much
workable and will facilitate greater coordination between law
and the intelligence side of our investigative resources. Such
is at the heart of our ability to prevent future attacks.

      Second, airtight surveillance of terrorists. The legislation
multi_point wiretaps in FISA cases __ that's the Foreign Intelligence 
Surveillance Act cases __ as we currently have in criminal cases. This 
allows the court to authorize wiretaps of any phones when the suspect
__ pardon me __ this allows the wiretap of any funds which the suspect
use when it is shown that the suspect is changing phones to thwart 
surveillance efforts. This authority will allow us to be more effective
surveiling terrorists and their associates and will increase our chance
of learning 
ahead of time about plans.

      Third, better intelligence about terrorist activities. The 
legislation also permits foreign intelligence information obtained
a federal grand jury to be shared with other federal law enforcement or 
intelligence agencies and with national defense and national security 

      This will allow, for the first time, information that might be 
relevant to preventing a terrorist attack to be shared with those
in a position to take the prevention action or the action designed to 
curtail the activity. Tearing down the wall between intelligence and 
criminal information is one of the most important steps we will make or
will be able to take.


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