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[] "War as the continuation...,
...of the absence of politics by other means." 

Jean Baudrillard, in: Le Monde (F) 2.11.01,5987,239354,00.html

engl. Auszüge davon auf:

"There's no solution to this extreme situation, above all not war, which only offers a situation of dij`-vu, with the same deluge of military forces, phantom information, useless pummeling, devious and pathetic discourse, technological deployment and intoxication. In short, like the Gulf war, a non-event, an event that doesn't really take place. 

And that's its raison d'etre: replacing a true and formidable, unique and unpredictable event, with a repetitive, deja-vu pseudo-event. The terrorist attack was a precession of the event over all the modes of interpretation, whereas this stupidly military war is, inversely, a precession of the model over the event, a fake wager that doesn't take place. War as the continuation of the absence of politics by other means." 

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