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[] NIPC zu Organisationsformen von Terrorgruppen und Cyberangriffen,

Das NIPC hat in seiner monatlichen Publikation "Highligths" die These
aufgestellt, neue Organisationsformen terroristischer Gruppen würden
durch vernetzte Informationssysteme begünstigt. Zudem steige die
Wahrscheinlichkeit von Cyberangriffen schon allein dadurch, dass
Terroristen sich immer mehr technologische Expertise aneigneten (die sie
dann für Angriffe gegen genau diejenigen Kommunikationsstrukturen
einsetzen, die sie selbst immer häufiger benutzen?)


Extremist Groups: New Organizational Models Empowered by Networked
Information Systems
Because authorities are often able to prevent violent extremist plots by
learning of impending
attacks, some extremist groups have adopted new organizational models in
order to mitigate damage to
their operations.
One organizational model that has attracted attention over the past
decade is the development
of ?leaderless resistance? resulting in decentralized organizational
structures. In contrast to a traditional
hierarchical command structure, leaderless resistance bases itself on
cells comprised of a few members
or even a single individual who operate without identifiable central
direction. An individual cell?s
members have limited or no knowledge at all of the identity of members
of other cells, so as to limit
damage from penetration by authorities. Groups across the ideological
spectrum have adopted aspects
of the leaderless resistance.
Extremist groups are increasingly adopting the power of modern
communications technology.
An extremist organization whose members get guidance from e-mails or by
visiting a secure web site
can operate in a coordinated fashion without its members ever having to
meet face to face with other
members of the organization.
To date, cyber attacks by extremists have largely been limited to
unsophisticated efforts such as the email bombing of ideological foes or
the publication of
threatening content. However, increasing technical competency in these
groups is resulting in
an emerging capability for network-based attacks, including those
targeting our nation?s
infrastructures. Extremist groups have proven themselves capable of
carrying out acts of
violence, and the leaderless resistance strategy makes it even more
difficult for authorities to
foresee actions by such groups.

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