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[] Ausbau der PsyOps in China,
China News Digest (CND)

PLA Further Modernizes Warfare with Psychological Units

[CND, 10/25/01] The PLA announced plan to upgrade its troops with the
addition of psychological warfare units, according to an official
Xinhua report. "This marks an important step" towards China's military
modernization, said Xinhua.

Psychological warfare includes media propaganda to increase citizens'
confidence in the nation's military power, while preventing the
opposite effect by enemy propaganda. Western military experts have
regarded psychological warfare as a key element of information warfare,
a concept that has drawn close attention from the mainland China since
Gulf War in 1991, when the US army successfully deployed hi-tech

The PLA observed during the Gulf War that conventional warfare was no
longer sufficient in winning modern wars. In addition to the qualify of
weapons, the psychological condition of soldiers was just as critical,
analysts repeatedly reported to the military leaders.

Furthermore, the mainland is stepping up preparations for war against
Taiwan, which has had a psychological warfare for nearly a decade.

The Xi'an Politics Academy became the training center for psychological
warfare at the beginning of last year under the endorsement of the
Central Military Commission. A 12-month training program included seven
courses such as military psychology, social psychology and
psychological warfare in hi-tech circumstances, Xinhua reported. The
first batch of psychological warfare officers have recently graduated.

They were put in use immediately, as all military regions under the PLA
had now launched pilot schemes on psychological warfare. (Jim YU)

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