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[] Space News 6.11.01: US verlaengern Exclusivrechte fuer Ikonos-Satelliten,

NIMA Renews Exclusive Deal With Space Imaging

By JASON BATES, Space News Staff Writer
posted: 09:54 am ET, 06 November 2001

WASHINGTON ? The U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) renewed its contract with Space Imaging for exclusive rights to imagery collected by the company?s Ikonos satellite of Afghanistan and surrounding areas, NIMA spokesman John Iler said.

NIMA initially acquired exclusive rights to Ikonos imagery over then war zone in early October in a $1.9 million deal that is renewable monthly. 

The new deal, signed Nov. 5, is identical to the first contract, except NIMA may now terminate the agreement at any time with no financial penalty, Iler said. The new contract runs through Dec. 5.

The Ikonos satellite can take black-and-white pictures sharp enough to distinguish objects 1 meter across and color pictures that can discern objects as small as 4 meters across. Space Imaging of Thornton, Colo., is the first company to launch such a satellite. 

Space Imaging?s exclusive arrangement with NIMA ensures that Ikonos images of the theater of U.S.-led military operations in Afghanistan stay within the control of the U.S. government.

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