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[] System of Systems beim State Department,
Der GAO-Bericht ist hier:

November 16, 2001 

Report: State Department lags in overseas technology efforts 

>From National Journal's Technology Daily 

The State Department is lagging in modernizing its information
technology, a critical facet to overhauling foreign-based agencies'
operations, according to a new report.

The General Accounting Office report, "Information Technology: State
Department-Led Overseas Modernization Program Faces Management
Challenges" (GAO-02-41), issued on Friday, said the State Department IT
modernization, while in the early stages, is facing some critical
challenges toward creating one information system.

The agency is deploying a common system designed to provide services
ranging from Internet access and e-mail to "mission-critical policy
formulation and crisis-management support."

GAO said the department must explicitly outline the framework for
building its information system, including a plan that will guide its IT

"Without these more rigorous controls, it is unlikely that State and its
agency partners will deliver needed operational-system capabilities on
time and within budget," the report said.

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