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[] Critical Infrastructure Protection in Rumänien,
Der rumänische Geheimdienst will sich um die Sicherheit der
Informationssysteme kümmern und schlägt dafür eine neue Behörde vor. RB

NIPC Daily Report 23 November 2001


International - Over one third of the computers in Romania are
vulnerable to IT attacks.  Romanian specialists state that Romania is 50
times more vulnerable to an attack with "viruses" than the US, this
being one of the reasons that private companies are trying to create
antidotes in the world of the "virtual threats."  In the last defense
council session, the Romanian Intelligence Service proposed the
establishment of a national authority to be in charge with the security
of data transmissions.  This organization would be called the National
Authority on Security Systems of the Data Transmissions.  The
specialists agree that the damage caused to the economies by computer
have reached alarming levels.  According to the Ministry of Interior,
crimes connected to computers increased 100 times during 1996-2001 in
Romania.  (Source: Bucharest Mediafax in English, 22 November)


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