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[] Arthur K. Cebrowski neuer Director of Force Transformation,
Cebrowski hat am Naval War College in Newport gelehrt und dort einige
wichtige Beiträge zur Debatte über Infowear/Network Centric Warfare
geliefert. Nach Myers als Generalstabsvorsitzendem ist er ein weiterer
Info-Warrior in einer wichtigen Pentagon-Funktion. Er war schon mal im
Pentagon, damals als Direktor für 
Command, Control and Communications (J-6) im Joint Staff.

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 599-01
Nov. 26, 2001


Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced today the
establishment of the Office of Force Transformation within the
Office of the Secretary of Defense and the appointment of
retired Navy Vice Adm. Arthur K. Cebrowski as its director.
Cebrowski will report directly to the secretary and deputy
secretary of Defense.

In the Quadrennial Defense Review and Defense Planning Guidance,
Rumsfeld called for the establishment of the office as part of
President Bush's broad mandate to transform the Department of
Defense.  This transformation process challenges the
organizational status quo with a new architecture for American
defense in order to ensure an overwhelming and continuing
competitive advantage for America's military for decades to

"Art Cebrowski is the perfect guy to promote and analyze our
transformation efforts," said Rumsfeld.  "I chose him for his
broad military experience, his strong credentials in joint
operations and information technology and his grasp of the
cultural and technical issues involved in transformation."
Cebrowski has been called the "father of network-centric
warfare," one of the centerpieces of the department's
transformation planning.  He retired from the U.S. Navy in
October 2001 after serving as the president of the Naval War
College in Newport, R.I.

Cebrowski will lead the effort in evaluating the transformation
activities of each of the military departments.  He will
recommend steps needed to integrate them into other ongoing
transformation activities.  He will also monitor ongoing
experimentation programs encompassing activities involving risk
management and associated metrics.  These efforts will link
transformation to the broad elements of national and
departmental strategy.

Cebrowski was born in Passiac, N.J., on Aug. 13, 1942.  He is a
1964 graduate of Villanova University and holds a masters degree
in computer systems management from the Navy Post Graduate
School.  He is a naval aviator and commanded Fighter Squadron 41
and Carrier Air Wing Eight.  He commanded the assault ship USS
Guam; the aircraft carrier USS Midway; and the USS America
Battle Group.  He has combat experience in Vietnam and Desert
Storm.  His Joint assignments included service as the director,
Command, Control and Communications (J-6), Joint Staff.

The Office of Force Transformation will work closely with the
Offices of the Under Secretaries of Defense for Policy and
Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.  They will develop
strategies, processes and activities to provide a continuous and
broadly focused force structure transformation and will make
recommendations to the secretary and deputy secretary of

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