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[] FBI fixes focus on technology,
FBI fixes focus on technology

 BY William Matthews
 Dec. 5, 2001

 An ambitious overhaul of the FBI will focus new attention on cybercrime
and stress upgrades to the
 agency's information technology, director Robert Mueller announced.

 The FBI also plans to let state and local police handle more crimes,
such as bank robberies and drug
 offenses, so that federal investigators can concentrate on
counterterrorism and counterintelligence, Mueller
 said Dec. 3.

 Announcement of the overhaul came out months after Mueller took over as
director of the FBI and
 promised to "restore the public's confidence" in the agency tarnished
by a string of embarrassing mistakes.
 FBI missteps include disclosure that agents could not find 184 laptop
computers and had lost more than 400
 guns. The FBI also arrested one of its own, agent Robert Hanssen, on
charges of spying for Russia.

 Among the changes at the bureau, Mueller plans to create a cybercrime
division to handle investigations of
 intellectual property theft and crimes involving advanced technology
and computers.

 Mueller also intends to name a chief technology officer to oversee
modernization of the FBI's IT

 Among the CTO's duties will be overseeing Trilogy, the agency's
sweeping modernization project. Trilogy is designed to give FBI agents
 high-speed Internet access and computers and software to better
organize, access and analyze investigation data.

 Mueller also said he will create a records management office. The FBI
was stung last spring when the Justice Department discovered
 3,100 documents that the FBI had failed to turn over during the
prosecution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

 The FBI blamed an outdated computer records system. McVeigh's execution
was delayed for a month while the FBI searched for
 additional missing files.

 Mueller said the records management office will be expected to upgrade
FBI records and knowledge management processes and
 policies. "Investigators and analysts must have access to, and
confidence in, the information gathered during investigations. This has
 an area of recurrent problems for the FBI," the agency said in an
outline of its restructuring plan.

 Mueller said he also plans to create an office for law enforcement
coordination, which will improve the FBI's information sharing with
 state and local police agencies


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