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[] CIA-interne Intrigen wg. chinesischer Botschaft in Belgrad etc.,

The Independent

Employees sue CIA for 'abuse of power'

By Rupert Cornwell

04 December 2001

A group of CIA officers has brought a class-action suit against the
agency, alleging abuse of power against employees ­ including the
cover-up of mistakes leading to the accidental US bombing of China's
embassy in Belgrade in 1999, for which several lower-ranking employees
were wrongly blamed.

The case, filed by 15 past and present mid-to-upper level CIA employees,
claims that the spy agency has used illegal tactics to prevent them
pursuing legitimate grievances against the CIA, including altering and
destroying documents, and eavesdropping on privileged discussions with
their lawyers.

Roy Krieger, a lawyer for the 15, said: "What the agency is trying to
hide is not its intelligence sources but its own dirty laundry about
internal disputes, kangaroo disciplinary procedures, discrimination and
who is to blame for blunders."

Among those blunders was the mistaken bombing of the Chinese embassy in
Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war. One plaintiff alleges that he and
other mid- and low-ranking officers were falsely blamed to cover up a
mistake made by a senior officer. The former were disciplined, while the
senior officer received only a verbal reprimand, followed by a secret,
backdated promotion. He now works at the White House, the lawsuit

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