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[] Wired Titelgeschichte zum Terror-Krieg,
Ab 11. Dezember sind alle Artikel online verfügbar unter 
Bis dahin hilft nur der Weg zum Bahnhofsbuchhandel. 

A Nation Divided Is a Nation Secured 
Why decentralizing is the best defense. 
By Oliver Morton 
Jetzt schon online:

How to Win 
In 1997, John Arquilla told Wired about a new kind of war - where the
enemy is invisible but the casualties are all too real. Today the netwar
visionary and his partner, David Ronfeldt, have a five-point plan to
tear apart the terror network. 

The Surveillance Society 
Learning to love the end of privacy. 
By Adam L. Penenberg 

Las Vegas, surveillance capital of America.
By J. C. Herz

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