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[] Outlook Patch ( gegen Badtrans etc.),

Es gibt ein (bereits schon =E4lteres) Security Update f=FCr Outlook =
(dazu muss jedoch zuerst das "Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR-1a)"
installiert werden)
Gruss, M.A.D

siehe auch:
The Great MS Patch Nobody Uses=20
By Michelle Delio,1282,48756,00.html=20

A free, downloadable update that transforms Microsoft's Outlook into a
significantly more secure e-mail application has languished virtually
ignored on Microsoft's website for more than a year.=20
Although the majority of recent viral attacks have come compliments of =
that don't rely only on e-mail to spread, the Outlook E-mail Security =
(OESU) can stop or greatly lessen the impact of most malicious code, =
such as
BadTrans and SirCam, if only people would download and install it.=20

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