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[] CIP in Südkorea,
NIPC Daily Report 27 November 2001


The Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) and the Consortium of
Computer Emergency Response Teams (CONCERT)  organized the fifth CONCERT
Hacking Prevention Workshop under the theme of future hacking and virus
trends, and protection strategies on 21 November with local and foreign
security experts participating.  A hacking prevention workshop addressed
the entire range of topics about the latest hacking and virus trends,
and effective countermeasures.  The workshop was aimed at establishing a
system of cooperation to prevent and contain intrusion attacks and to
promote safe information communication networks through exchanges of
information and technology on information security and strategies
against intrusion attacks.  The Cyber-Terrorism Response Center of the
National Police Agency  explained the importance of timely response to
intrusion incidents, and intrusion prevention programs with a
presentation on the types of crimes committed in the cyberspace and
countermeasures available to fight cybercrime; and emergency procedures,
legal measures, and relevant regulations that information security
managers must follow in response to intrusion incidents involving their
information security  systems.  (Source:  Seoul Chonja Sinmun , 23

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