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[] EADS expands its defence business in InformationWarfare,

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Subject: [EADS-Press] EADS expands its defence business in
InformationWarfare - Joint Venture with Grintek founded
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 12:58:05 +0100
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EADS expands its defence business in Information Warfare - Joint Venture
with Grintek founded

Ulm/Germany, 7 December 2001 - Europe's largest defence and aerospace
company EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is expanding
defence business in the sensitive field of Information Warfare.

As announced by EADS on Friday, Ewation GmbH, Ulm/Germany, a subsidiary
EADS Naval & Ground Systems, is forming a joint venture in the field of
Electronic Warfare with the South African electronics manufacturer
Group Ltd, Pretoria. The joint venture, named Grintek Ewation (Pty) Ltd,
Pretoria, is held by EADS Ewation with 45% of the shares and Grintek
(55%). Within the joint venture, a competence center is created for
manufacturing and engineering of products, which will be integrated into
Ewation's comprehensive EW systems. The new joint venture together with
Ewation in Germany has a workforce of about 400 employees with expected
annual revenues of $120 m. 

Ewation is the supplier of electronic warfare, strategic monitoring and
surveillance systems. Its joint venture expands the existing strategic
partnership with Grintek started two years ago. Within this partnership
under the trademark of MRCM (Monitoring, Reconnaissance,
the whole spectrum of Signals Intelligence and Jamming Systems are
The partnership meanwhile has been joined by Herley,New York, and

"Our joint venture with Grintek enables the cost-effective development
sophisticated systems solutions in the field of information warfare,
is the key to the preservation of security and crisis prevention",
Bernhard Gerwert, head of EADS Naval & Ground Systems.

EADS Systems & Defence Electronics is one of the most important defence
electronics suppliers in Europe. It is participating in key defence
such as the Eurofighter self-protection system EuroDASS, the NATO
Surveillance sensor SOSTAR and the German F124 frigate program. 

With revenues amounting to EUR 24.2 billion (2000) and 100,000 employees
EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the largest
and defence company in Europe and number two worldwide.

Ulm/Germany, 7 December 2001

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EADS Systems & Defence Electronics 
Lothar Belz
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