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[] Neuerscheinung zu Honeynets,

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Sent: 11 December 2001 13:56
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Subject: Know Your Enemy: Honeynets

The Honeynet Project is excited to announce a highly
updated version of the paper "Know Your Enemy: Honeynets".
This paper describes what a Honeynet is, its value, how
it works, and the issues/risks invovled.

The Project has spent two months updating the paper to
include new technologies, documentation, configuration
files, and legal issues.  The updated paper includes the

 - Honeynet Definitions, Requirements, and Standards doc
 - Updated configuration files
 - Data Collection
 - GenII (2nd generation) technologies
 - Virtual Honeynets
 - Legal Issues

We recommend that individuals or organizations interested in
Honeynet technologies review the updated documentation.


Lance Spitzner

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