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[] erste CIO-Awards des Pentagon verliehen,

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 644-01
December 18, 2001


The U.S. Army took top group and individual honors in the
first-ever DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) awards.
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control,
Communications and Intelligence and DoD's CIO John Stenbit
recently announced the winners for their contributions to DoD

The Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) Information Support
Activity and Robert J. Fecteau, Army Intelligence and Security
Command's chief information officer, were singled out for honors
for designing and implementing systems saving U.S. taxpayers
millions of dollars.

USAREC fielded a virtual private network, an entirely web-based
recruiting data management system, a national pooled-minutes
cell phone contract and a software development model
certification considered state-of-the-art in government circles.
 All told, the information support activity was able to save the
command roughly $42 million annually.

Fecteau integrated 14 organizations into an effective contracted
information technology operation involving BAE Systems, MITRE
and Microsoft.  This increased "our ability to identify and
understand the scope and breadth of IM/IT costs needed to run
the command from an enterprise view and to ensure they are
executed," according to Fecteau.  The result was about $10
million savings the first year.  Another estimated $8 million
was saved through the command's acceleration of contractor
security clearances.

One key to CIO success, Fecteau says, is leadership.  For "true
transformation to take place," top leadership must engage in
support of the CIO process.  DoD CIO John Stenbit thinks the
other end of the management process is just as important:
"Everywhere in DoD are individuals and teams who have put a lot
of time and energy developing better tools, weapons and methods
for us."

The winners were chosen by senior DoD officials in the CIO
community.  Other finalists, narrowed down from a field of
candidates from across the Department, were the U.S. Air Force
for its portal, the U.S. Navy for business process reengineering
and Comdr. Wyatt Smith for his information management of the
military health system.

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