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[] USA bestellen Nachfolge für Milstar SatCom,

Satellite deal follows up Milstar

 BY Dan Caterinicchia 
 Dec. 19, 2001

 The Air Force has awarded a nearly $2.7 billion contract for its
Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite program to the team of
Lockheed Martin Corp. and TRW Inc. 

 The system development and demonstration contract awarded last month
will deliver the Defense Department's next-generation highly secure,
high-capacity communications satellites and ground command and control
system as a follow-on capability to DOD's current Milstar communications
satellite program. 

 Lockheed Martin is the prime integrator and provider of the spacecraft
structure and ground command and control segments, while TRW is
providing the satellite payload. The contract will culminate in the
delivery of two AEHF satellites, along with the ground command and
control system. 

 AEHF will provide 10 times greater total capacity over Milstar
communications satellites, allowing for tactical military communications
such as real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting data, according
to the Air Force. The first of the
 two satellites is scheduled for launch in 2006.

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