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[] InfoOps - neuer Trainingskurs der US Army, Field Manual 3-13,

Letzter Absatz: Im Frühjahr soll das Field Manual 3-13 veröffentlicht
werden, das das alte 100-6 "Information Operations" ersetzen wird. es
soll dann auch online gestellt werden. RB

Friday, January 04, 2002 
by Maj. Robert Foley, Futures Design and Integration Center 

Recent events both in America and abroad have shown that the nature of
warfare is changing. Information has become both a weapon and
battlefield. The Army has developed a new Functional Area -
Information Operations - to train soldier to fight and win on this new

The TRADOC Commander saw a need to increase the Army's IO capability
and directed that IO courses be set up immediately to support the
ongoing military operations.

At Fort Leavenworth, 12 soldiers completed training Dec. 21. More
groups are scheduled to train later in the winter and summer.

During the training, soldiers completed workshops on subjects such as
electronic warfare and psychological operations, conducted information
operations planning and worked with classmates as a staff group.

A course curriculum designed by the Combined Arms Center in
conjunction with Electronic Warfare Associates of Virginia enabled
soldiers to train on all aspects of information operations. The course
was modified to enable soldiers to be trained in a short period of
time so they can quickly return to their units.

"The central point of the course is to teach a core of officers the
skills necessary to synchronize the existing resources of the Army,"  
said EWA principal analyst Frederick Hellwig.

"IO is necessary because our country is facing an asymmetric threat,"  
said Hellwig. "Our Army faces nation-states and non-state entities,
such as terrorists and criminal organizations, which avoid our
strengths and try to exploit what (they) perceive to be our
weaknesses. What IO officers do is synchronize, coordinate and
integrate the Army's IO capabilities that have existed for years. In
the past, many of these activities were not as effective because they
were not coordinated with critical operations."

Soldiers in the IO branch include active-duty, National Guard and
Reserve lieutenant colonels and majors.

This new era of information has led to a new way of thinking in the

"If we are to win on today's battlefield, we need to replace the
attrition warfare mentality with a decision maker targeting approach.  
If we can influence, slow down, or even stop what the other side is
trying to do, we will gain a decisive advantage over our opponent,"  
concluded Hellwig.

The new IO field manual, Field Manual 3-13, is in the final stages of
approval. The manual is expected to be released in the near future.  
The manual will be available online with other Army reference

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