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[] US Army Website von Ostasien aus unerreichbar,

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US Army Web Site Goes Dark In Asia-Pacific Region 

By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes
04 Jan 2002, 10:53 AM CST

The main U.S. Army Web site is unreachable for many Web surfers in the
Asia-Pacific region, according to user reports and network test results. 

Web surfers in Taiwan and New Zealand have reported they are unable to
reach the site ( ). Tests conducted today using
network trace tools from Internet addresses in other Asian countries,
including India, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong produced similar
results. Attempts to access the Army site from Internet addresses in the
U.S. were successful. 

It was not clear when the block was implemented or even whether it was
intentional. Patrick Swan, a spokesperson for the Army's Information
Systems for Command, Control, Communications and Computers group, said
the organization was not restricting access to the Army site from any
Internet addresses but was
investigating the reports. 

A lead network administrator at the Army's Information Systems Command
at Fort Belvoir, Va., however, said the inability to reach the Army site
was "probably a
result of Army network security policy." 

According to the administrator, the Army performs blocks "based on
network security threats. Many of these are IP addresses from foreign

The Army home page includes news about the armed service, including
frequent updates on Operation Enduring Freedom, the U.S. military action
in Afghanistan. 

Last July, the Army pulled its site off the Web completely for several
days during an outbreak of an Internet worm called Code Red. Several
other sites operated
by the U.S. Department of Defense took similar precautionary actions. 

The countries affected by the current access problems appear to fall in
an Internet address space known as the Asia Pacific Network Information
Center. According to its Web site, APNIC is one of three regional
Internet registries and manages address space for 62 countries, ranging
from Afghanistan in the Middle East to Pitcairn in the Pacific Ocean. 

Nick FitzGerald, a New Zealand-based virus researcher who confirmed
being unable to access the Army home page, said his network trace tests
indicated a possible problem with routers operated by AT&T under
contract to the Department of Defense. 

John Kennedy, a spokesperson for AT&T's Government Markets network
operations center, said the access lists on its border routers do not
include blocks of
addresses assigned to APNIC, but that such blocks may be in place on the
network segments directly controlled by the Army. 

Web sites operated by the Pentagon have been frequent targets for
electronic attack. According to records kept by the Alldas defacement
archive, 95 sites in the ".MIL" top-level domain were vandalized in

The Army homepage is at . 

APNIC is at . 

Reported by Newsbytes, . 

10:53 CST
Reposted 10:56 CST 


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