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[] Cisco will mehr Militär-Aufträge,

(von Olivier Minkwitz)
Defense News Jan 04, 2002

Cisco Sees Market on Battlefield

By FRANK TIBONI Staff Writer 

WASHINGTON ? The war on terrorism, the move toward network-centric
warfare and the downturn in the commercial services information
technology (IT) market have prompted Cisco Systems Inc. to start a new
defense business, say Cisco and industry officials.

A leading supplier of IT products and services based in San Jose,
Calif., Cisco wants to tap the $2.5 billion annual worldwide market for
tactical intranets.

These military computer networks give forces on the battlefield instant
access to intelligence, logistical and weather data on systems thousands
of miles away, providing information to help outmaneuver the enemy in

Analysts say Cisco?s decision to create the Global Defense and Space
Group positions the company to go after new U.S. military and homeland
defense initiatives in light of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

See the full story in the Jan. 7-13, 2002, issue of Defense News.

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