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[] Experts say German government is not prepared for hacker attacks,
Weche Experten weiss ich nicht...........
An expert group on <A HREF="";>hacker</A>s has advised the German federal government to set 
up a new office dealing with emergency plans and reconnaissance on hacker 

At the moment, communication networks in Germany would fall much too easily 
to serious hacking attempts, according to an internal study prepared by the 
Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office. The report also believes oil, gas 
and electricity supplies could be targeted. 

Meanwhile, the study advises the government to spend more money on 
preparations against hacker attacks. Germany should also develop its own 
national <A HREF="";>software</A> and cryptographic applications, the study says. 

While experts fear attack from independent hackers, they say that the damage 
could be even more severe if government-supported hackers tried to intrude 
German systems.     
<A HREF="";>Fiete Stegers</A> Fiete Stegers has received a Master's degree in Communication 
Science, Political Science and Modern History from the University of Münster, 
Germany, and is currently working for Van Dusseldorp & Partners. As a 
free-lance journalist, Fiete Stegers has been contributing to numerous German 
print and online publications including Spiegel Online, die tageszeitung 
(Berlin), politik-digital (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Essen), 
Westfälische Rundschau (Dortmund), Unicum (Bochum). Major fields of reporting 
are the internet(especially online media and electronic democracy), 
education, youth and popular culture. Fiete Stegers is also a staff member of, an information plattform dealing with the evolvement 
of journalism on the web, and is running his personal website 

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