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[] Konferenz: Information Security in the Age of Terrorism, Washington DC Ende März,

Hier mal wieder eine dieser teuren Industriekonferenzen, die sich oft
mehr zum Networken als zum Lernen eignen. Aber vielleicht gerade dafür
interessant. RB

Information Security in the Age of Terrorism
March 25-26, 2002, Washington DC

Themen u.a. 
? The impact of better funded, organized hackers
? Burgeoning relationships between terror organizations and hacking
? The financial impact of incidents and threat assessments
? Industry best practices, standards and regulations
? Proposed industry-wide vulnerability-handling standards
? Business continuity vs. disaster recovery: There really is a
? What law enforcement is doing to catch and charge the hackers
? Why incident response is a business management issue, not an IT issue

Zusätzlich gibt es einen Workshop zur Auswahl aus diesen beiden: 
"Strategic Incident Response Management Team-Building" oder 
"Extreme Hacking"

Interessante Redner sind u.a.:
Matt Devost, Terrorism Research Center, Inc.
Richard Forno, ShadowLogic
Bryan Hurd, EDS Corporation
Richard H.L. Marshall, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO)
Lance Spitzner, Honeynet Project
Robert Weaver, New York Electronic Crimes Task Force, US Secret Service
National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) Representative

Details unter, oder Tel. (USA) 800-280-8440.

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