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[] CfP: Special Edition "Cyber Terrorism", Journal of Information Warfare,

     Call for Papers 

     Special Edition "Cyber Terrorism" 

     Journal of Information Warfare

The development of the Information Society has resulted in many
positive contributions to society, but a darker side of the Information
Society has been emerging. The appearance of hackers, computer viruses
and the development of Cyber Terrorism as a new threat, could in theory
harm the very fabric of the Information Society. This special issue of
Journal of Information Warfare will look at the impact of these darker
issues and whether they will hinder or aid the development of the
In developing an improved understanding of Cyber Terrorism and its
impact on society, papers are sought for a special issue of Journal of
Information Warfare. Such articles might include insights into the aims
and roles of Cyber Terrorist groups, the relevance of Cyber Terrorism,
ways in which society and organisations can develop strategies to deal
with the risks involved and, case studies focusing on the issues of
Cyber Terrorism.

Contributed papers may deal with but, are not limited to:

· Cyber Terrorism;
· Cyber Terrorism  fact or fiction?;
· Hackers in the 21st Century;
· Hactivism;
· Cyber Terrorists and National Infrastructure Protection;
· Security Policies and strategies for dealing with Cyber Terrorists;
· Security Modeling;
· Information Warfare and Cyber Terrorists;
· Cyber Terrorist Ethics.

Research surveys and application papers in the above areas are also
welcome. Manuscripts should not exceed 5000 words and figures and
illustrations should be kept to a minimum. All contributions are
subjected to a double-blind review process. There should be a separate
title page giving the names and addresses of the authors and any other
references that reveal the identity of the authors should be removed. A
copy of manuscript, following the standard guidelines for the journal of
Information Warfare,
should be
emailed to the guest editor by the 31st May, 2002. The editor for the
issue is:

     Dr Matthew Warren
     School of Computing and Mathematics,
     Deakin University Geelong,
     Victoria 3217 Australia
     E-mail: mwarren -!
- deakin -
 edu -

     Dr Matt Warren
     Senior Lecturer - Information Systems       Tel:  +61-3-5227 2536
     School of Computing and Mathematics         Fax:  +61-3-5227 2028
     Deakin University Geelong                        E-mail:
     mwarren -!
- deakin -
 edu -
     Victoria 3217 Australia

     Director of the Australasian Institute of Computer Ethics

     Chair of IFIP TC11 Working Group 11.1 - Security Management

     Joint Chief Editor - Journal of Information Warfare

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