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[] und das wird aus der NIPC-Warnung ;-),

... eine Schlagzeile mit Al-Qaeda. Das kommt ja immer gut an.
_Möglicherweise_ sollen sie nach Angaben des FBI angeblich öffentlich
verfügbare Webseiten "untersucht" haben, und _möglicherweise_ haben sie
dort auch interessante Informationen gefunden. Nun denn, dann haben es
ausserdem noch tausende andere gefunden. Hätte man mal eher dran denken
können. Insgesamt scheint die Antiterror-Politik genutzt zu werden, um
großflächig Informationen zensieren zu können. Was das für die
öffentliche Kontrolle mancher Behörden bedeutet, kann man sich ausmalen.
RB, 17.1.2002

FBI: Al Qaeda may have probed government sites

WASHINGTON (CNN) --The FBI issued an alert Wednesday to law enforcement
agencies across the nation warning officials of uncorroborated
information that al Qaeda agents may have been probing Web sites,
including some dealing with nuclear information.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Richard Meserve disclosed the
existence of the advisory in a speech to the National Press Club
Thursday. He said the operatives may have been trying to "gain
information" on a variety of different types of facilities, including
nuclear power plants. A FBI spokeswoman would only say the bureau did
put out an advisory but would not characterize it.

A law enforcement official emphasized the information obtained was
uncorroborated and that the alert was issued so authorities would think
about "what they put on Web sites."

"This is sort of information that we pass along to our licensees, in
case of threat advisories to inform them that this sort of thing is
going on," Meserve said. He said the NRC brought down its Web site
immediately after the September 11 attacks in case it contained
information that "might be of value to terrorists" and that it has been
re-tooling its site to make it doesn't inadvertently release information
terrorists might want.

"Our licensees have done the same thing in that most of them have
screened the Web sites to assure that there is not information that is
on the Web site that could be of significant use to a terrorist under
attack. But we have this information, it is uncorroborated information,
at least in the advisory that it existed last night, and it is the sort
of thing you do inform our licensees about through a threat advisory
system," Meserve said.

A law enforcement official compared this advisory to the general alerts
issued saying they all have the same message to be aware and vigilant.

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