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[] NSA reduziert Outsourcing,

January 23, 2002 

National Security Agency decides not to outsource maintenance jobs 

By George Cahlink
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The National Security Agency will not outsource hundreds of maintenance
jobs to private contractors because many maintenance workers have opted
to take early retirement or buyout offers. 

Last fall, the electronic spy agency, based in Fort Meade, Md.,
announced it was considering eliminating, downsizing or outsourcing
about 400 maintenance positions. NSA offered workers in those jobs the
opportunity to take early retirement or accept buyouts from Nov. 15 to
Jan. 3. 

NSA officials would not say how many workers took the offers, but said
that enough left voluntarily that the agency decided no maintenance
workers will be laid off and the work will remain in-house. 

The Baltimore Sun reported that about 200 of agency?s 700-employee
maintenance work force decided to leave their jobs. 

NSA began aggressively seeking to outsource noncore work two years ago
in an effort to free up limited dollars for mission-essential work and
the purchase of new electronic spying systems. In the largest
outsourcing effort to date, known as Project Groundbreaker, the agency
contracted out hundreds of information technology support jobs. However,
NSA avoided layoffs in its technology workforce by guaranteeing IT
workers jobs with the private sector team now handling the agency?s
technology support. 

If the maintenance jobs had been eliminated, it would have marked the
first layoff in agency history, because there were no plans to guarantee
maintenance workers jobs with a contractor.

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