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[] Computer machen Kriege,

Ein Artikel aus "Parameters" zur Frage der "Automatisierung" von
zukünftigen Kriegen:

Future Warfare and the Decline of Human Decisionmaking
>From Parameters, Winter 2001-02, pp. 57-71.

Aus der Zusammenfassung:

Humans may retain symbolic authority, but automated systems move too
fast and the factors involved are too complex for real human
comprehension. When computers are designed and programmed by other
computers, the situation will be even further from anything humans can
reasonably expect to understand, much less intervene in successfully. At
the same time, loud denials can be expected from some quarters, angrily
claiming that humans are as much, if not more, in charge than ever. In a
sense this will be true--the new systems will enable people to
accomplish far more in war and peace than was even conceivable before
their development, or, rather, is even conceivable now. But the simple
fact remains, the farther we extend our reach outside "human space," the
more we require the assistance of machines.

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