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 Europol: Islamic Terrorism main threat against the European Union
 Jelle van Buuren   12.02.2002 
 Europol publishes terrorism threat assessment for the first time 
  Islamic terrorism can be regarded as the main threat against the 
European Union. However it would be dangerous to focus only on Islamic 
terrorism, as other European terrorist groups still remain active, 
according to Europol in the first public version of a document on the 
situation and trends of terrorism in Europe in 2000-2001.  
 The open version of the threat analysis is the result of an initiative 
of the Netherlands. Last year the Dutch pressed for an open version of 
the reports on the terrorist threat in the European Union, which were 
till now highly confidential. The Dutch government stated more openness 
was needed on the nature of the terrorist threat in the European Union 
and the achievements of the European Union in combating terrorism. The 
open version of the document does not contain any confidential 
 According to the document, drawn up by the European police 
organisation Europol, the number of terrorist incidents was showing a 
small decrease, whereas 'the importance of the attacks increased 
dramatically'. According to Europol the decrease of the number of 
terrorist incidents is due to successful police operations in Spain and 
Ireland. Also the progress in the Northern Ireland peace process and 
cease-fires in Corsica counted for a lower degree of terrorism. 
 Europol states that from a global point of view it is important that 
the European Union is not only a target for terrorist attacks but also 
an important area for preparatory and logistic purposes in the widest 
sense. 'In the aftermath of 11th September attacks in the United States 
of America, it became clear that a number of the suicide hijackers 
allegedly prepared their activities in the European Union.' The report 
gives an overview of arrests made in Europe both before and after the 
attacks in the USA of Islamic terrorists and the international 
cooperation in this field. 
 According to the report the Basque separatist terrorist organisation 
ETA is the most active terrorist organisation in the European Union. 
The report also states that the ETA discovered during a cease-fire 
period that finished in December 1999 'how effective the staging of 
violent public disorder was to terrorise the Basque population.' The 
report states 'juvenile groups linked to the ETA are responsible for 
the violent public disorder', and that the ETA selects future activist 
from these youth. Europol warns ETA might start a European Union wide 
campaign, as ETA has announced that the French authorities are included 
in its target-list, due to their cooperation with the Spanish 
 Europol further sees the 'first signs of the possible resurrection of 
left wing terrorism viz. anarchist terrorism' in the southern part of 
the European Union. Under an umbrella name 'International Solidarity' 
attacks were carried in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and 
against prison regimes. 'As left wing web-sites in the Northern 
European countries cover this situation in depth, the possibility of 
resurrection of the left wing and anarchist terrorist groups is 
existent, in which the southern terrorist activity might function as an 
example,' Europol concludes. 
 According to Europol radical environmentalist and animal rights 
movements have maintained a limited campaign during 2000-2001, but 
caused extensive material damage. 
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