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[] das alte Lied: US-Finanzdaten sind unsicher,

GAO-Reports gibt es unter Dieser scheint aber noch
nicht online zu sein. RB, 13.2.2002

Security problems continue to plague federal accounting system
By Kellie Lunney

The government has failed to correct long-standing computer security
weaknesses in its central accounting system, continuing to put sensitive
and billions of dollars at risk, according to a new report from the
General Accounting Office. 

The Treasury Department?s Financial Management Service still needs to
address nearly half of the accounting system?s security problems,
weak computer access controls and lax enforcement of security policies,
according to the report, ?Financial Management Service: Significant
Weaknesses in Computer Controls Continue? (GAO-02-317). FMS oversees the
federal government's accounting and reporting systems and
distributes money to most federal agencies. 

As part of its annual financial audit, GAO reviewed FMS? computer
security policies, concluding that access controls at each of the
agency?s data
centers failed to protect computer programs from unauthorized users and
granted excessive privileges to employees who did not need them.
Physical security controls at three of the five sites GAO studied also
were lax, according to the report. One center could not provide GAO with
a list
of those granted physical access to the building because its security
system was not working. 

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