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[] neue "Cybersecurity Alliance" ohne Geld und Ansprechpartner,

Eine Meldung über die Gründung der Allianz ging bereits über die Liste,
vgl. meine Mail "Home-User sollen in IT-Sicherheit erzogen werden" vom

Cybersecurity alliance launches without funding, leadership

Government Computer News
By Wilson P. Dizard III,
GCN Staff 
The National Cyber Security Alliance, a government and industry project
to promote the public?s awareness of computer security practices, was
launched last week without funding, a leader or a board of directors. 

The main work of the alliance so far is a Web site at that posts tips and a self-test for consumers about
how to secure their computers. The site advocates firewalls,
disconnecting computers from the Internet when they are not in use,
sophisticated passwords and similar measures. 

?This campaign will give all Americans the education and tools they need
to secure their personal information and systems from attack,? according
to a posted statement by Dick Clarke, special adviser to the president
for cyberspace security. ?Citizens don?t realize how much damage can be
done by people using your computers remotely without your knowing it.? 

The campaign is backed by dozens of agencies and companies, including
AOL Time Warner Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif., the
Defense Department, the FBI, the General Services Administration, Mitre
Corp. of Bedford, Mass., and Microsoft Corp., according to announcements
on the site. 

But according to a spokeswoman for Neill Edwards at the Commerce
Department?s Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, the alliance has
no oversight body and no single point of contact. 

© 2002 Post Newsweek Tech Media, a division of Post Newsweek Media

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