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[] Cyber-Sicherheit wird auch in Dubai diskutiert,

By Haya Farouk Al Ras

Dubai Police have urged the authorities to speed up legislation
governing cyber crime.

This was one of the recommendations made during an open discussion at
the Dubai Police Officers' Club yesterday headed by Maj. Gen. Dhahi
Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, in which a number of police
officers and IT experts took part.

During the discussion, Maj. Gen. Dhahi stressed the need for exchange
of the latest technologies and knowledge related to IT between the law
enforcement forces and IT experts.

This would enable authorities to follow up and curb cyber crime, which
has seen "an increasing trend taking place alongside the e-government
initiative era".

The discussion included two IT lectures which highlighted 'Pro-blems
and Difficulties Encounter-ing e-government Transactions' and 'How to
Protect Websites from Hackers', followed by a discussion and a number
of recommendations made by the officers.

The recommendations included urging the authorities to take severe
punitive measures against hackers and IT offenders, enhance and boost
cooperation between IT experts and Forensic Justice, and lay down
rules to control the use of Internet cafes by young people.

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