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[] Russland plant gegen etwas Cyberterroristen,

Eine Steilvorlage für die russischen Geheimdienstlauscher und
Zensoren... RB

InfoSecurity News, 13.2.2002

Russian Government Cracking Down on Cyberterrorism 

The Russian government is planning to crack down on cyberterrorism as it
says that it is aware of the fact that terrorists routinely make use of
Internet for information dissemination, as well as to communicate

At a meeting of the Federal Antiterrorist Commission in early February,
Minister Mikhael Kasyanov outlined wide-ranging plans in the ongoing
campaign against terrorism. These plans Kasyanov's press secretary,
Tatyana Razbash, told reporters include preventing biological and
terrorism, as well as attacks on the Russian transport infrastructure.

Details of the plans, though, remain top secret.

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