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[] UK: Intrusion-Detection Auswertung mit der Defence, Evaluation and Research Agency,

ICL Press Release, 18 February 2002 

ICL and QinetiQ in partnership to provide Intrusion Detection Service 

In summary: ICL have announced a 3 year partnership with Govt
agency QinetiQ. QinetiQ will provide first line support for ICL's
Intrusion Detection Service. QinetiQ's security specialists will
proactively analyse trends and outputs from ICL's IDS sensors and
will alert ICL to problems. From this ICL will be able to block threats
and recommend security design improvements. 

ICL has announced a three-year partnership with QinetiQ, the science and
technology powerhouse formed from the British Government's elite
Evaluation and Research Agency. Under the terms of the agreement,
will provide the first line support for ICL's Intrusion Detection
Service (IDS)

The IDS offering is in response to calls for improved security measures
and is
targeted primarily at ICL's Internet Managed Service clients in the
finance and
retail sectors. It is designed to proactively detect and rapidly respond
to threats
on a client's ICL hosted infrastructure 365/24/7 ensuring enhanced
protection of
their data and systems. Potential threats include hacking, viruses and
software. ICL has 5 e-Business hosting centres in the UK from which the
is available.

The service is implemented by deploying IDS sensors across a client
infrastructure. These log and scan for known threats or unexpected
QinetiQ's highly skilled security specialists then analyse outputs and
trends from
these sensors and will rapidly escalate issues and problems to ICL where
intervention is required. From this, ICL will be able to block threats
recommend security design improvements. 

The IDS system focuses on analysis and intervention by security
rather than relying on the simple use of automated scanning tools. These
can be viewed as insufficient to manage threats in an e-business
environment as they rely purely on previously known threats, often false
and typically are limited to default system configurations.

ICL also provides a number of other security services within its
Managed Service portfolio including security file log analysis,
vulnerability and
risk assessment, penetration testing and firewall management services. 

Owen Turney, Internet Managed Services manager for ICL, commented: "ICL
chose QinetiQ for their world-renowned ability as a highly skilled
organisation with some of the best specialists and technologies

Richard Harker, Business Development Manager at QinetiQ added: "We have
many synergies with ICL, having both a breadth of experience and
This partnership will allow us to work with ICL and their clients to
provide highly
specialised secure e-business services, whilst enabling us to further
our presence in the commercial market place "

Notes To Editors

About ICL

In April 2002 ICL will rebrand as Fujitsu and will operate as Fujitsu

ICL is one of the leading IT solutions companies in Europe, Middle East
Africa, employing 17,700 people. It designs, builds and operates IT
systems and
services for customers in the financial services, telecoms, retail and
government markets.

ICL helps its customers to transform their businesses and make them more
efficient and productive, by providing the IT services needed today
with the end-to-end e-Business services to be successful in the new
These services include new media design, consultancy and systems
through to managed infrastructure services that underpin the
requirements of businesses.

For the year ended 31 March 2001, the company's turnover for continuing
operations was £2,418.7 million. Headquartered in London, ICL is the
European-centred IT services arm of the Fujitsu Group.

The Fujitsu Group is a £31 billion leader in Internet-based IT systems
services for the global marketplace.


About QinetiQ

QinetiQ, employing some 8,000 persons, is a new science and technology
powerhouse poised to become a world leading business solutions provider.
Formerly DERA - the British Government's Defence Evaluation & Research
Agency - QinetiQ has world class expertise, facilities and a highly
technical knowledge base. 

QinetiQ's Trusted Information Management (Q-TIM) Division offers a
range of security solutions to meet and manage the needs of
today. Services include Security Consultancy, Managed Intrusion
Services (MIDS), Incident Response Team Services (IRTS), Data Recovery
Forensics Laboratory Services (DRFL), Vulnerability Assessment Services
(ITSHC), and Training & Education Services. All QinetiQ's security
services have
a formidable reputation for technical and professional excellence and
delivery, and has attracted a client base including major oil,
banking, finance, travel, leisure and government organisations.



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