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[] erster Online-Virengenerator,

Leider ohne Quellenangabe - weitergeleitet aus Internet Crime News vom
Und leider ohne Angabe der URL - kennt die jemand?

World's first online virus generator has surfaced

By John Leyden

The world's first online virus generator has surfaced - but there's no
to get too alarmed, antivirus experts say.

The Instant Macro-Virus Maker can be used to create macro viruses and
dispenses with the need for virus writers to download virus creation

Wannabe click kiddies need only visit the site (and no we won't tell you
what the URL is) which has both Romanian and English versions, and
follow a
few simple instructions.

MI_pirat, the site's author, boasts that no programming skills or
are needed to create a virus using the toolkit.

"Choose from the options (few, I know, but it's the first edition) and
copy/paste the generated code into a Word (97...2000 etc.) module named
after the virus. Enjoy!!!" he adds.

The site is published on a public, free server (which hasn't yet being
removed) and also exposes known dangerous viruses, and the author's own
virus library. 

Sofwin, the Romanian anti-virus firm which first reported the tool,
that the author could develop his tool beyond relatively innocuous macro
viruses so that it can be used to generate more virulent malware. But
AV firms are less concerned.

Eric Chien, chief researcher at Symantec's Anti-Virus Research Lab, said
toolkit is nothing to get too worried about.

"Macro viruses are getting close to being a thing of the past. The last
major outbreak of a macro virus was Melissa," Chien said. "This
generates the simplest of macro viruses and isn't a worm, which can
by email or network attachments."

Chien added that any virus created by the toolkit would be automatically
detected using heuristic (automatic) detection features found in the AV
scanners of most major vendors.

Some AV vendors, like Sophos, omit the use of heuristics (which they
can lead to false positives) but Graham Cluley, senior technology
at Sophos, said it is a trivial task to update any anti-virus product to
detect any virus generated with the kit.

"It's very much a storm in a teacup," he told us.

Virus writing toolkits have been used to create several virulent viruses
late - including the infamous Anna Kournikova worm - and we hope the ISP
hosting the site pulls the plug at the earliest opportunity. ®

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