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[] mehr zum Online-Virengenerator,

Es scheint doch nicht der erste zu sein. Mir ist allerdings nicht ganz
klar geworden, ob die anderen genannten Viren-Generatoren wirklich
online arbeiteten oder ob man sie einfach als Programme zum Download für
lokales Ausführen bekommen konnte.
RB, 4.3.2002

Online virus generator causes concern

By James Middleton

Instant Macro Virus Maker is 'idiot friendly' Antivirus experts have
issued a warning over the discovery of an online virus generator. Taking
the danger of idiot-friendly kits responsible for the likes of the Anna
Kournikova virus one step further, vandals can now create a new virus in
seconds without even downloading software.

The Instant Macro Virus Maker v1.2 is a website capable of generating
Microsoft Word macro viruses. All the user has to do is enter a name for
the virus, some text to display as the payload, and a day of the month
to activate. The web form then uses a script to generate a simple virus
which can be copied and pasted into a Word document of the same name as
the virus, and attached to an email for distribution. "This, as far as I
know, is the first (and only) on-line virus creation tool," said the
website's author, MI_pirat. "No download, no wasted time, no programming
skill needed. Choose from the options (few, I know, but it's the first
edition) and then copy/paste the generated code into a Word (97...2000
etc.) module named after the virus. Enjoy!" reads the blurb.

Although the code is relatively harmless - all it does is display your
message on the set day of the month - it's still a fully functioning
macro virus. "That's the dark side of the internet," said security
specialist Costin Ionescu of antivirus firm BitDefender. "Because of
such people who don't realise the importance of this matter, new dangers
could arise for all the people using the internet, either for work or
for fun. "As the author says, it's just the beginning: if today that
means new macro viruses, tomorrow - new dangerous worms could endanger
every system connected to the net," he said.

The site is hosted by a free service provider,, and also
holds code and tutorials for other more destructive viruses. A bit of
research reveals that this isn't the first or only online virus
generator in existence. A Linux-based virus generator, VGOL, appeared
online in 1998 and a virus writer named Bumblebee released one more
recently. However, both of these are extremely difficult to track down
now. The online generator makes the task of creating malicious code even
easier. Last year saw a deluge of mix and match viruses, all created by
the easily downloadable Visual Basic Script Virus Generator, hit the
internet. The most infamous of these was the Anna Kournikova virus,
which was put together in 30 seconds with about four clicks of the

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