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[] USA: Critical Infrastructure Protection Board update,

Endlich wieder ein Arbeitskreis... ;-)

March 6, 2002 

Bush administration creates computer security panel 

>From National Journal's Technology Daily 

The Bush administration's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board is
assembling a committee to focus on information-systems security in the
executive branch and formalizing the panel's responsibilities. The move
is aimed at helping the board and the White House Office of Homeland
Security focus on steps necessary to protect the government's computer

The committee will consist of members from federal agencies that have a
role in security and will be chaired by the Office of Management and

The administration's e-government chief, Mark Forman, told a House
subcommittee on Wednesday that most of the committee's work will be
performed by individual issue groups that will be dissolved once their
work is completed.

The National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) is one agency that
will be added to the committee "soon," NIST Director Arden Bement said
during the hearing.

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